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Posted by alan on November 26, 2012


We're really looking forward to our Christmas concert on 22nd December at 7.00 p.m.

George Osborn from Avanti Ministries is joining us. We shall be singing a varied programme

of Christmas music. Tickets (£5.00) will be available at the door. All welcome.


Posted by Ismail on
I went last winter to New York, and I denlfiteiy recommend it because it looks amazing with the Christmas decorations. It was a trip I'll never forget. My family and I were on a budget, so we stayed at a Days Inn in Woodbridge, NJ. By car, Woodbridge is 30 minutes from New York City. The hotel price was cheap (around $60 per night) and was decent looking (nothing too fancy, but we didn't really care after all, we only used it to sleep, shower, and eat breakfast). Since you're traveling by train, the location is really convenient because the Metropark Station is just 3 miles from the hotel, and this station has access to Amtrak. Furthermore, you'll need a way to get to New York City, and you can take a train there. The ride is 45 minutes and it will leave you in the New York Penn Station, in the heart of Manhattan. There you have the option of taking the subway, if you wish to visit places further away (such as the Central Park, take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, or go to the Museum of Natural History). Taking the train and subway was quite an adventure for my family and I, and it made the tourist experience all the better. Plus the fact that you'll get to see the Penn Station, which resembles a small, underground airport.As to hotels in Manhattan, forget it if you want a cheap one. When I looked for one, the least expensive I found was close to $100, which we could not afford to pay if we wanted to stay for 8 nights.As to the Christmas decorations, they were still up when we left on January 4. They probably keep them a little longer, since a LOT of tourists want to go at that time of the year to see the decorations.But yeah, you should denlfiteiy check out the Days Inn at Woodbrige. You get free breakfast, and a decent room at a really good price. Have fun if you go!
Posted by jdahpz on
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